DiploDog Arrives

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DiploDog arrived in D.C. yesterday after her first flight and a couple of weeks relaxing with my parents. Only time time will tell how long her next flight will be. This first one was a relatively short jaunt. We were a bit confused by the fact that we had to pick her up in the regular passenger baggage claim area, but there she was waiting for us when we arrived, like a piece of Samsonite luggage.

She seemed to handle the flight well and was no worse for wear. Once we signed the paperwork, there wasn’t anyone to cart her to our car, so we just attached her leash, I carried her crate and we walked back through the airport on the way to the parking garage like we owned the place and it was perfectly normal to be strolling through the airport with one’s dog.

Here she is working it for a well deserved treat after her big day.


We were a bit concerned about how she would make the transition to a one bedroom apartment after having a house with a yard, but so far, she has been a model dog. It is actually a bit disconcerting how well she has behaved. We keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. She had a new bed waiting for her when she arrived and she took to it immediately.


I think she’s going to like it here.

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Bid List

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Beyond the anticipation of DiploMom receiving an invite to an A-100 class, the next biggest question was what our post options would be. She received the bid list today and we feel really good about what is available. We’ll know where we are being sent at the Flag Day ceremony, so the next step is researching the options and ranking our preferences. It is crazy to think that after all the waiting, we’ll finally know where we will be posted for the next two years by the end of April.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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It has been a bit colder so far than we anticipated. In fact, this was the view from our balcony this morning:


Today was DiploMom’s first day and she had to catch the shuttle from the Oakwood to main State. We brought a few clothes for colder weather, but most items were packed in the UAB and are still on their way. Not that “winter” clothes from Houston really means much of anything. The locals have said this is likely the last blast of winter and things should start getting pretty nice soon. We’ll essentially get to enjoy two Springs, so the timing couldn’t get any better. It will be warming up just as we are getting settled in and ready to get out and explore the area.

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Road Trip

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The father-in-law and I headed out from Houston at 5:15 am in a fully packed Yukon to make our way to Chattanooga, where we would spend or first and only night before arriving in Falls Church. I’m not a big fan of really long drives and I had some trepidation that the hours would pass in a very slow and painful manner, but it didn’t end being all that bad. I realized the key is having two drivers. If it had just been me, I imagine I would have felt like putting a bullet in my head half-way through Alabama, but not before giving a big Gig ’em as I passed through Tuscaloosa on behalf of Johnny Football.

All told, it took us about 14 hours to get to Chattanooga. A big thanks to the brother-in-law who recommended staying at the Reed House, as it had a secured, valet parking garage, which meant I slept a lot better knowing the Yukon wouldn’t get broken into. We left the next morning at around 5:45 am to make our way to Falls Church where we were converging with DiploMom, DiploTot and the mother-in-law, who were all arriving on a flight that afternoon. Thankfully the driving time this day was about 3 hours shorter and the scenery was just beautiful the entire way. I was thrilled to finally arrive in Falls Church and quite pleased that the long road trip went much more quickly than I had anticipated. DiploTot did great on her first flight too, which helped make this whole process even better.

Some stats courtesy of the Garmin GPS: Total distance covered – 1,426 miles. Total time – 25:13, moving time 22 hours, stopped time 3:13.

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