This coming Friday is the Flag Day ceremony, where everyone in DiploMom’s A-100 training class will receive their post assignments. As I am feeling more settled in here at the Oakwood, and getting into a pretty good routine with DiploTot, I have to remind myself that this current setup is just temporary and that we will ultimately be moving again, but this time out of the country to foreign lands.

Considering the huge impact that our post assignment will have on our lives for the next two years, I feel remarkable calm leading up to the big day. I am sure my anxiety level will increase as we get closer to Friday, but I feel relatively good about our “chances” to end up in one of the several posts that we bid high. There is, of course, always the possibility of a curve ball, but I think those odds are a bit lower, given my understanding of the situation.

Needless to say, we’re both excited to find out where we will be headed and we are anxious to start planning and preparing for this next big step. Stay tuned for the big announcement.