After two years of wondering and endless speculation of where we would be assigned if this whole Foreign Service process continued moving forward, we finally arrived at Flag Day. I felt pretty relaxed waiting for things to kick off, as DiploMom and I felt fairly certain that we would receive one of our high bids.


That relaxed feeling quickly disappeared as all the flags were brought into the room and the ceremony commenced. My pulse quickened and my mouth got a bit drier. We were about to find out where we would be living for the next two years – would it be what we were hoping for, or were we going to get a curve ball?


Thankfully the introductory remarks were very brief and we moved straight away into the post assignments. Class member names are not called alphabetically, so we had no idea when DiploMom would be called. With each post, the country flag would appear on the screen and then the person’s name and city would be announced. Relatively quickly, the Guatemalan flag appeared, but DiploMom’s name was not called. I was surprised at who was called, until I remembered that there were two posts to Guatemala City, one relatively soon and the other not until January, which gave time for language training.

So far so good, we still had our high bids available. There were quite a few posts in Mexico, especially on the border, so I held my breath each time the Mexican flag appeared on the screen. The Colombian flag appeared. Bogota was a high bid for us. Another name was called. Check that one off. Later, another Mexican flag, but this time for Guadalajara, another of our high bids. Another name called. At this point I was feeling pretty good that it would be Guatemala City, but I was still nervous there might be a curve ball.

Finally the Guatemalan flag appeared again and I stopped breathing. DiploMom’s name was called. Sweet relief!


So we’re headed to Guatemala City, and we are thrilled. It is great to finally know so that we can get ready for this next step. Since DiploMom already speaks Spanish, we’ll be headed out sometime in July after she finishes her other training classes. We’ve met some other families here at the Oakwood who will be moving to Guatemala City this summer as well, so we are glad that we will already know some families who will be transitioning around the same time.