DiploMom and I got started this week on the immunizations that we will need for Guatemala City by visiting the health unit at FSI. We don’t need to get too many, mainly Hep A/B, which is administered in a series of three shots and one for typhoid. Rabies is recommended as well, but there is currently a major shortage, so if we want to get that one, we’ll likely need to do so once we are already in country. Guatemala City is at a high enough elevation that there is no concern for malaria, which is really great, since we won’t have to worry with taking daily pills, that many times have some unpleasant side effects.

We also went down to Main State to get our pictures taken and to submit our documents for our diplomatic passports. DiploTot was even able to keep her bow in for her first photo, which apparently will not need to be retaken until she is five years old. 🙂