One of our favorite places to take DiploTot during our time here in Guatemala City has been the Monki Haus located in Plaza Cemaco. It is close by the house and she always has a great time. Less then five bucks provides great entertainment and time for us to enjoy a cappuccino and take shifts to get any other shopping taken care of.

Many times it is very quiet and she has the entire place to herself. The last weekend before pack out we took a sanity check to run up for a final visit and to grab some lunch. This will be one of the places where we have a lot of memories of watching DiploTot grow up.







Besides Monki Haus, there is Cemaco, which is similar to a Target and also includes an Ace Hardware section.


There is also a big toy store which puts out their big, plastic play sets at the opposite end from the store, which also provides a nice spot for some freebie play time.