The adjustment to Guadalajara has been pretty smooth, save for the previously mentioned power outage. You could say we were quite surprised when the power went out again on Sunday afternoon around 4:00 pm, during another brief storm that did not seem as strong as the other that had knocked out the power.

Of course we had just finished a grocery run and had only been back for about an hour. It turned out that this time, a tree fell on some power lines about a block away from the neighborhood. Here is what it looked like on Monday morning around 8:00 am.


It looked like all that had been done was to close off the street to traffic since there was no way for cars to get through. A few hours later we could hear chainsaws, so we at least knew some work was underway.

DiploTot and I walked down later Monday evening to check on the status and things were at least starting to look promising.


We finally had power back on at around 9:00 pm, more or less 28 hours after it had gone out. Some other neighbors who have been here for about two years said how nothing like this had ever happened during their time. Let’s hope that is the case and we can manage another two years without these expended outages!