Veggie Truck

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One of the things we have liked best about our neighborhood is the veggie truck that comes by every Tuesday, loaded up with vegetables and fruit from theTerminal, which is a big market area, as well as a big interchange for many of the bus routes. I leave some money for Francisca and she goes out and buys whatever she needs.

The produce is very fresh and we like the fact that we don’t have to think about what we need when we do our weekly grocery runs. Not to mention that we get a better price from the truck than what we would pay in the store. I had been meaning to get a few pictures and finally managed here at the 11th hour while our pack out was taking place.



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Pack Out II

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It is a big relief once everything is packed. Then we’re ready to get things cleared out of the house and loaded. First up was our HHE, which came in at 7,102 lbs and filled 8 crates.




As boxes were loaded in, I checked off the numbers. This was then compared to the checks on the movers list to ensure that everything was accounted for.




After the first 6 crates were loaded, the truck departed for the warehouse and then returned with more to finish our HHE and to start on our storage shipment.


Our storage shipment wrapped up fairly quickly the next morning and came in at 3,746 lbs and 7 crates.




A huge weight was lifted once the truck departed with the last of the freight and we were finally finished. We have a small bit of loaner furniture from the embassy to get us through until we leave post.

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Pack Out I

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The morning that the movers arrive is always stressful. We’ve tried to do as much in advance as we can and we are hoping that our UAB will not exceed 700 lbs and that the what we are planning to ship to Guadalajara won’t exceed 7,200 lbs. We did a good bit of sorting and arranging in advance, which paid off in a smoother moving experience once the controlled chaos of the men arriving began.

Our UAB was sorted in guest room and out in the foyer area. We were able to ship everything that we had planned, as our total weight came in at around 640 lbs.



It’s fairly crazy watching the packers get after it. They were very quick, yet very meticulous in how they packed boxes and in how they wrapped and protected furniture.






It took two days to get everything packed and ready to load onto the truck. Then it was time to load our HHE going to Guadalajara and everything else that was going back to storage in Maryland.


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Santa Clara Convent

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DiploMom and I enjoyed one final trip to Antigua on Friday, sans the kiddos, which felt both refreshing and weird at the same time. We wanted to buy some final items at the artisan market and there were some ruins neither of us had seen yet – the Santa Clara Convent.








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